Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm early!

I've never been a procrastinator. And here's the proof. I'm early in starting my list! Number 24 is "do a blog". And although I can't check it off yet, I've begun it. And might I add that 54. is in process as well. Love this!

My list of 101 Things

OK, so here's my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. Here we go!

1. Make a time capsule with the kids
2. Have someone teach me how to knit. Then knit a scarf
3. Plant a rose bush
4. Weekend away with Matt
5. Weekend away with Sarah
6. Weekend away by myself
7. Memorize more scripture
8. Make tiramisu
9. Make baklava
10. Write at least 2 letters per year, per kid
11. Read at least 12 books a year
12. Complete a crossword puzzle
13. Get a massage
14. Make a list of books of the bible I haven't read and read them
15. Do a whole month of consistent homeschool
16. See a Broadway show, preferably Wicked
17. Lose 10 pounds
18. Attend a major sporting event with Matt
19. Get professional pictures done
20. Audit a class at RTS
21. Write my will
22. Walk to the library
23. Go deep sea fishing
24. Do a blog
25. Go golfing with Matt
26. Go horseback riding
27. Have 1 designer article in my closet
28. Take a cooking class
29. Update baby books
30. Eat no sugar for 1 week
31. Buy a good set of pots and pans
32. Send a "just because" package to a friend
33. Watch 10 documentaries
34. Go to a wine festival
35. Buy something off of Etsy
36. Make my own jelly
37. Drink nothing but water for 5 days in a row
38. Read 2 autobiographies of people I've never heard of before
39. Learn to French braid
40. Pick blueberries
41. Learn to locate all 50 states on the map
42. Make something for a friend
43. Spend all morning one Sat going yard saling by myself
44. Eat a deep fried snickers
45. Host a blind tasting of something
46. Paint upstairs hall
47. See 1 movie in the theatre per year
48. Learn to play Phantom of the Opera on piano
49. Watch someone else's kids for the evening once a quarter
50. Make gluten free pie crust from scratch
51. See a Sundance nominated movie every year
52. Watch a foreign film
53. Learn to play bridge
54. Take as many pictures of the things on this list as possible
55. Finish my journal
56. For 1 week, go to bed at 8 and read until 10
57. Sign up for Netflix
58. Organize a quarterly game night
59. Buy and wear a dress
60. Obtain a piece of original art for my home
61. Go play bingo somewhere
62. Floss everyday for a month
63. Re do upstairs hall pictures
64. Buy a pair of funky boots
65. Research the dirty dozen and eat organic of them
66. Consider and/or organize a dinner co-op
67. Eat only local food for a week
68. Host a movie night
69. Do my Christmas shopping 1 year all at flea markets
70. Try a new cocktail
71. Play darts in a bar with Matt
72. Eat at Chipotle
73. Go to a silent auction
74. No fast food for 1 month
75. Sleep at the Westin
76. Make a list of 101 things I'm thankful for
77. Make gourmet candy apples
78. Research why I do not eat certain foods
79. Photography series on each child
80. Get a new brown coat
81. Make cookies from childhood
82. Organize gmail contacts
83. Smash a pumpkin
84. Host a swap party
85. Go to Lang Van's with the Henderson's
86. Eat at an authentic Mexican restaurant (bring Trish for translation)
87. Eat out of my freezer/pantry for a month (only go to the grocery store 3 times for fresh produce, milk, cheese, and eggs)
88. Seal the tree chairs
89. Volunteer somewhere
90. Make a "just because" dinner for a friend
91. Surprise Matt with a candlelight dinner
92. Go to a museum by myself
93. Make an ethnic dinner, complete with decorations
94. Support a small, local business - even when it makes more sense to go to the big store
95. Go to Ikea by myself and not feel rushed
96. Watch and slap stick comedy movie without complaining
97. Make a business plan for my own organizing business
98. Make homemade tea
99. Buy the perfect pair of new pjs
100. Use Plaster of Paris
101. Celebrate completion of 101 things with girls