Tuesday, July 27, 2010

92. Go to a museum by myself

Tonight I went to the Charlotte Mint Museum of Art. By myself. Everyone should do this. There's just something about being alone in a museum. It really is lovely. I was disappointed in the fine art though. They had a few small rooms of paintings. Not that this is saying much, but I didn't recognize any of the artists. I think it was mostly Neoclassicism...not my thing. I didn't expect to see a Monet or Mary Cassatt. But I did expect to see a more widely array of "ism"s...Cubism, Romanticism, Impressionism. I guess I'll have to go to the Art Museum in Raleigh. I didn't even take any pictures of the paintings.

But, here are some pictures I did take:

And what's more classy:

Dresses from 2006
1960s dress
It's sad to me that we've gone away from the magical conservatism of the 1960s. Clothes and shoes from that era are really so cute.

There was a ton of pottery...which is one of my favorite forms of art. It was amazing how many different pieces there were. Everything from the strange:

Pair of Poodles, 1849-1858
And this:

English tobacco jar, 1740

To the down right scary:

Don Craig of Rutherford County, 1996
Also by Don Craig:

This is just creepy. Would anyone really want this in their house?!

To the delicate:

Doccia, Italian, 18th century
And my personal favorite:

Wedgwood Jasper, c. 1775-1880
Also another favorite:

Kyle Carpenter, Asheville, 2008

It's interesting to me that you can find beautiful and intricately detailed pieces like this:

Japanese, 1920
Up close - which doesn't do the detail justice at all

And then find pieces that look like they came from Ikea:

Northern Song Dynasty, Chinese, 960-1127
And this:

Jacon Cole, North Carolina, c. 1938-1943

Here are some other pieces that caught my eye:

Daniel O'Connell pitcher, late 1800s
                              Really? Someone would really want to pour their drink from this? Ew.

Wheildon, 18th century
    I wish this came out better...it really was stunning. I think I stood there for about 5 minutes looking at it.

Tang Dynasty, Chinese, 618-907
       This was really amazing. And it was very small. It looked like wood and is one of my favorites.

Goodbye Mint Museum. I will see you again in September when I take my daughter.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

10. Write at least 2 letters to each child, per year - UPDATE

New: Well, I'm still in the running to being able to check this one off. I just finished my 2nd letter to all my girls tonight. It brings tears to my eyes to be able to tell them what they are like at this age, what kind of a mom I am, but wish I was. To let them know how I pray for them. It's a sweet time and I encourage all my mom (and dad) friends to write at least one letter to your kids!

Okay, so I didn't use pen and paper. I typed out a letter to each of my girls. It's only the 1st one this year, so I can't check it off. But, I can tell you that this one was good for my soul.

I live such an every day life (all you stay at home moms out there know what I mean). Just about the only thing I do for myself on a daily basis is check Facebook. It's easy for me to complain about the difficult task of  raising children. These letters that I just finished have brought me back. Once again, I realize how blessed I am.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

51. Watch a Sundance Film Fesival Film once a year

2012 Film: Slavery By Another Name. Slavery wasn't abolished in the US until the 1940s and 1950s. Did you know that? I didn't...because that's not what we're taught in the history books. The US education system and what it chooses to teach is a joke. It's just not real education. Our history books today contain the nice stuff. Or the sad and shameful stuff that's too known to leave out. But, if there's something that the masses don't know about...well, leave that out of the textbook for heaven's sake. I was not aware that slavery didn't really end in the south until the 40s and 50s. What a tragic, shameful piece of history. And it's no wonder why there is still such a racial divide...there are people living today that were enslaved or had family members enslaved and remember first hand what that was injustice was like. What a shameful and tragic thing that happened after slavery was "abolished". 

I highly recommend Slavery By Another Name to everyone - it was educational and well done.

2011 Film - The Cove. What a well done documentary. The cameras used in it were AMAZING. And I don't mean the cameras used to film the actual movie. I mean the ones they used to expose Japan's dolphin industry. It reminded me of something right out of a really cool military movie. Although it wasn't my favorite movie, I'd recommend it. And like almost any film, it's really good to debrief with someone after the film. Documentaries in general strive to hit emotions, so I think it's good to talk through it to see what other view points (typically that are more logical rather than emotional) there are. But, I can see why it won the award. Extremely well made.

My Sundance Film for 2010 - Dark Days. I also counted this towards my number 33. So you can read what I have to say about it there. As it relates to Sundance: I don't know much about the prestigious award. So, watching this film was good insight to what they look for. Dark Days was the Sundance Film Festival award winner in 2000. I like the authenticity of independent films versus the big production ones. And I look forward to my next Sundance movie: The Cove. Now if only I can wait until 2011 to watch it so it can count.

Friday, July 9, 2010

58. Organize a quarterly game night

This is Virginia. She and her husband are our bridge partners. Although I have also organized game nights with other friends, I'm using bridge to check this one off my list since we play every week. I know, I'm an overachiever. I couldn't stop at once a quarter...had to do a once a week.

97. Write a business plan for my own organizing business

I love throwing things away. I love figuring out where my pasta machine should go (which by the way is in the garage). I love sorting and organizing; my favorite tool is my label maker.

And why not get paid for what I love to do? And while my first and most important (and fun) job is being a mom and wife, I don't get a pay check. Hence, starting my own business in organizing.

I don't have a name. I don't know what website platform to use. I don't know my price points. I don't have a Facebook or Twitter account set up yet for it. But, it's all in my business plan. Phase One includes creating a blog, so keep an eye out for it...coming soon to a computer near you (insert the manly voice over typical of movie previews).