Monday, November 28, 2011

26. Go horseback riding

I love horses. Those who know me well enough to actually read this blog probably know that I want to own a farm...just so I can have my own horse.

I've always wanted to take riding lessons growing up. So it's a good thing that Morgan, my 7-year-old, takes lessons every Saturday so I can vicariously live through her. We all go to Latta Plantation and we have a great time feeding the horses and watch her ride.

It's been over 8 years since I last rode. So, I put this on my list to make it a priority to do it again. My dear hubs took me on a trail ride this past Saturday (thank you mom for watching the girls).

I loved it. I saw a hawk glide through the trees right in front of me (and a buzzard later on, which is a remarkably large and surprisingly beautiful bird). I learned that the woods around Latta Plantation have bears. And I had a great date with Matt. So sweets - thank you for helping to check this one off.

Monday, November 21, 2011

71. Play darts with Matt

Abbey Road Live, singing the Beatles

In college, Matt took me several times to this great little bar that had darts. I have great memories of that place. When I made this list of 101 things, I wanted to find a similar place in Charlotte.

Matt recently planned a date for us that included McCormick and Schmick's (yum) and then The Visulite Theater to hear Abbey Road Live. I decided to count this fun date as playing darts. Because where ever we would have gone to play darts, it wouldn't have stacked up to our Raleigh place. And The Visulite may just become our new "darts".

Thursday, November 17, 2011

9. Make baklava

I've always enjoyed baklava and have always been too intimidated to make it. I'm usually not intimidated by cooking or baking. But I have this crazy fear of Phyllo dough. It scares me. And while the baklava turned out beautifully, Phyllo still scares me.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

83. Smash a pumpkin

I didn't smash a pumpkin. I realized what a waste that would be. Instead, I cooked it - something I've always wanted to do.

First (well, after I washed them, cut them, and pulled the seeds out) I baked them. I love this picture just for the steam that was captured.

Next, I pureed, adding water as needed. Yum. Me. I put them in the ball jars and plopped them into the freeze. Hello pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pie, and maybe even pumpkin soup.