Wednesday, October 13, 2010

41. Locate all 50 States on a Map

Using this great program, I can now locate all the states in the US...something I never learned in school. Yes, it's the beginner level...but I can get them. I can tell you where Colorado is. I can tell you which one is Vermont and which one is New Hampshire. I know where Nebraska, Idaho, and Missouri are.

And like school - I can now forget.

Friday, October 1, 2010

29. Update Baby Books

Morgan Alysabeth, 11-5-04

Ava Grace, 2-19-07

Kennedy Noelle, 4-22-09
Finally got to updating the girls baby books. I figure it needed to be done before the new baby comes in April. Looking at their pictures makes me remember how different Ava is from the others. It's a good thing she looks just like Matt...otherwise I may have had some questions to answer.

While this will be an ongoing thing, I'm up to date as of now. And I'll just say sorry now to Kennedy and this new baby. I don't have that many pictures of you. I'll try to do better :)