Sunday, April 4, 2010

42. Make something for a friend.

Tonight I stayed up way too late making a mix CD for a friend. As I added songs from my new found love (AKA iTunes), I thought of lots of people I wanted to send this to. In fact, dear reader (are there any?!?!?), you may get one in the mail.


  1. I'm reading, too :) And I love a good mix "tape" -- might need a tutorial in iTunes to use the gift card I just got. Any tips?

  2. Cyndi - funny. You are the one I made this for!! I just haven't sent it yet because I don't have an envelope yet. As for iTunes, you have to download it onto your computer, if it isn't already. Then open it and you'll see the "iTunes Store" tab. Hit "Redeem" on the right "quick links" section. Punch in your code and start the glorious shopping!