Sunday, May 2, 2010

70. Try a new cocktail

Matt took me to see Bill Cosby last Sunday. We went to Ri Ra's afterward and got some drinks; this is one of them. My 1st was a White Russian. I've always wanted to try one, so I did. It was good, but I like plain Bailey's on the rocks better. I then wanted to try a colorful drink. I told the bartender what I like and he made this one. Since I'm not sure who reads this blog, I can't tell you the name...way too embarrassing. And this drink doesn't really count anyway, since the bartender made it up and it's not something I can ask for at any other bar. But, the White Russian counts, so I'm checking this one off.

I probably shouldn't check this one off just to give me an excuse to try more drinks since I tend to get in drink ruts (margarita on the rocks, sugar rimmed, please). So, please forget that I wrote this. You will probably continue to see 70. throughout the 1001 days.

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