Wednesday, June 2, 2010

66. Consider and/or organize a dinner co-op

I've always been a fan of bulk cooking. Spend 1 day cooking up a storm, saving money and time in the long run. But, I've also kind of dreaded it. All that preparation. All the dirty dishes it makes. Standing on my feet all day. So, I've decided that this is the way to do bulk cooking. With a friend. You spend a morning instead of all day. You split the buying, the preparation, the washing dishes, etc. And you get to hang out with a friend (and if you're really lucky, your friend has a great dog to come behind you and take care of anything that happened to fall on the floor - big shout out to Mia).

I have my sweet friend, Chris to thank for checking this one off. She and I will be getting together once a month to bulk cook together. Today we made meatballs, meatloaf, mango chicken, and rice pilaf. I have 10 main dishes and 3 sides all ready to go in my freezer. Next month: twice baked potatoes, shredded bbq chicken with corn cakes, and spinach feta lasagna rolls. Yes, I'm drooling, too.


  1. This is genius -- wish I lived closer by!

  2. What a great idea! Wish I was a good cook or Id join you!