Sunday, July 11, 2010

51. Watch a Sundance Film Fesival Film once a year

2012 Film: Slavery By Another Name. Slavery wasn't abolished in the US until the 1940s and 1950s. Did you know that? I didn't...because that's not what we're taught in the history books. The US education system and what it chooses to teach is a joke. It's just not real education. Our history books today contain the nice stuff. Or the sad and shameful stuff that's too known to leave out. But, if there's something that the masses don't know about...well, leave that out of the textbook for heaven's sake. I was not aware that slavery didn't really end in the south until the 40s and 50s. What a tragic, shameful piece of history. And it's no wonder why there is still such a racial divide...there are people living today that were enslaved or had family members enslaved and remember first hand what that was injustice was like. What a shameful and tragic thing that happened after slavery was "abolished". 

I highly recommend Slavery By Another Name to everyone - it was educational and well done.

2011 Film - The Cove. What a well done documentary. The cameras used in it were AMAZING. And I don't mean the cameras used to film the actual movie. I mean the ones they used to expose Japan's dolphin industry. It reminded me of something right out of a really cool military movie. Although it wasn't my favorite movie, I'd recommend it. And like almost any film, it's really good to debrief with someone after the film. Documentaries in general strive to hit emotions, so I think it's good to talk through it to see what other view points (typically that are more logical rather than emotional) there are. But, I can see why it won the award. Extremely well made.

My Sundance Film for 2010 - Dark Days. I also counted this towards my number 33. So you can read what I have to say about it there. As it relates to Sundance: I don't know much about the prestigious award. So, watching this film was good insight to what they look for. Dark Days was the Sundance Film Festival award winner in 2000. I like the authenticity of independent films versus the big production ones. And I look forward to my next Sundance movie: The Cove. Now if only I can wait until 2011 to watch it so it can count.

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