Saturday, January 21, 2012

60. Obtain an original piece of art

I love art. It's a beautiful representation of God's creativity. I love it even more because I have absolutely no artistic ability at all. So when I see good art, I'm amazed.

The picture above is my newly painted powder room. I don't have a before picture, which is actually a merciful thing for your eyes. It was awful. See, about 10 years ago I thought it'd be a great idea to paint it that crackle paint stuff. It was not a pretty picture. It was a bad idea in 2002; a really, really, really bad idea in 2012. It had to go.

Enter in my new original piece of art (to go with my newly painted powder room). It's the bird picture in the frame. I love birds. And so when I saw this at a silent auction to raise money for Johnson and Wales RUF, I knew I was bidding. And thankfully, it didn't get too high and it has a new home with me.


  1. The Powder Room looks great! Love the choice of artwork - really stands out against the gray. Go Julie! :o)

    1. thanks! I love it. It's amazing what paint can do...