Wednesday, February 29, 2012

3. Plant a rose bush

Fresh picked flowers are one of my favorite things. However, they are a luxury since they are so expensive. So, I put this one on my list so I would have fresh cut roses.

Then something sad happened. A sidewalk is being constructed in front of our house this summer or late fall. Which means I'm going to have a bunch of construction workers traipsing through my yard and garden. I'm not planting anything long term until they are done and my yard is put back together.  I'm quite sad about the sidewalk. Our street is not heavily trafficked with pedestrians, but as a "neighborhood improvement" project, it's happening. We tried to get petitions signed, but not enough people were interested. Perhaps it's because it's not their two mature and beautiful Crate Myrtle trees and vine with yellow flowers on the mailbox getting destroyed. 

Anyway, I've been wondering what should take the place of planting a rose bush - and had no inspiration. Enter Pinterest, mason jars, and my husband.
These pictures were my Pinterest inspiration. Mason jars, hung on a wall, spray painted. That way, I can put roses in them. No, the roses won't be fresh cut. But I'll get around to planting that bush next year, after all the construction is finished.

Here's my take on planting a rose bush:

This one is downstairs.

This one is in my bedroom. 

My sweet husband is almost soley responsible for making this list happen. And once again, this one is no exception. I picked out the hardware and jars. I spray painted. But, he hung. And thought of the idea to count this as my number 3. Thanks Matt for all your help and support!

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