Sunday, July 15, 2012

4. Weekend away with Matt, 34. Go to a wine festival

Matt and I have been married 12 years, this August. And this weekend was his birthday. Two great reasons to go to the mountains! We went to a music festival at Chateau Morrisette. We spent two glorious nights at a bed and breakfast. I had a whole three days worth of meals that I didn't cook or clean up after. We did wine tastings, sat on a lawn drinking wine and listening to music and watching drunk hippies dance, went antiquing together, saw deer on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and got up close and personal with a hummingbird while eating our breakfast on the porch.

Black Dog sangria at the festival
Grapes at a vineyard
I am so thankful I put this on my list. Those people who are fans of wine (those who aren't fans just haven't had the right wine yet!) should take a trip to the Chateau Morrisette vineyard. Or even the Shelton Vineyard in NC. And when you go - let me know so I can come with you. 

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