Tuesday, August 24, 2010

52. Watch a foreign film

I've never gotten through a foreign film before. I could never get past reading the subtitles while still watching what's going on in the movie. I'm now a convert. And I HIGHLY recommend this film.

This 2008 Norwegian film ("DeUsynlige" is the original title) is about a man's release from prison after his involvement with the disappearance of a little boy. For those of you who liked the movie Dead Man Walking, you'll like this movie, too. There are 1-2 scenes I skipped. Apparently, films from Norway are completely fine with showing graphic sex. I, however, am not fine with viewing it. That's private people....keep it to yourself. 

Anyway, one of the main characters is a priestess. Although her character turns out to not be as pure as I'd expect a priest to be (great conversations to be had about that in and of itself), she brings up some very interesting topics to discuss after the film with whomever happens to be sitting beside you. Things like forgiveness versus atonement. Heavy stuff.

Besides the great plot, the acting was phenomenal. And the cinematography was brilliant. Flash backs, flash sidewards, present day, etc. But, it's all very easy to follow and intertwines the lives of the two main people involved in the boy's disappearance - the man who took him and the mother of the boy.

Here's what I learned from having this on my list: I like foreign films. At least this one. What I'm beginning to see is that Hollywood really has lost a lot of the art behind films. I'll give them great special effects, some good story lines, some good actors. But, overall - I'm disappointed in Hollywood. I like the independent films better. I mean - just look at the cover of this film. Amazingly complex. Just the cover itself is cooler than Hollywood movie covers.

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  1. If you want to try out another one, get "Cinema Paradiso" -- sweet, a little sad, and beautiful.