Thursday, July 7, 2011

74. No Fast Food for a month, completed

Hallelujah. My month of hell is over. And what a fitting day to break my month fast of fast food: the 4th of July. Let freedom ring, people! After my neighborhood parade, we stopped by CFA (Chick-fil-a for all those who are not lucky enough to know what CFA stands for) for some lunch-to-go before driving out of town to visit my family. Thank you CFA workers for working on July 4th.

Here's what I learned from this month long sabbatical from fast food:

1. I was addicted. I think we've all heard that fast food is addictive...well, it's true. The 1st 15 days I was irritable. I was tired. I was snippy. Oh no wait - those are the symptoms of having a newborn. Maybe that's a confounding variable.

2. Fast food is so convenient. It really is a nice luxury to have a CFA (or insert your favorite fast food restaurant) available for those crazy days when you are on the go all day long. Or for when you have a baby in the house who takes a morning nap and a toddler in the house who takes an afternoon nap and you have a small window of opportunity to run errands and it just happens to be over the lunch hour.

The 1st half of the month I missed the taste of the food. The 2nd half of the month I missed the convenience of it. And I will never have to miss either again.


  1. unless god calls you to be a missionary in prague :)

  2. You mean no fast food in Praha?!