Monday, September 20, 2010

30. Eat no sugar for a week - Day 1 + 1 +1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1

Day 7: It's Over!!!!! I did it! Here's what I learned from this experience:
  • I have more self control than I think I did
  • I have a new appreciation for women who have had gestational diabetes
  • Sugar is in so many things. I already was a label reader, but will now read HOW much sugar is in a product.
  • I will never do this again.

Day 6: In honor of the 6th day, here's a list of 6 things I'm proud of today at Festival in the Park.

1. I did not get the sample of the maple cotton candy they were giving out...even when my children did.
2. I did not drink any lemonade...even when I held it for my 17 month old to drink some.
3. I did not buy any funnel cake. 
4. I did not taste any Dippin' Dots...even though I fed a whole thing to my daughter.
5. I did not accept the sample of fudge being shoved in my face.
6. I did not even look at the Kettle Corn being served...even though Matt knows the owner and stopped to chat a while. 

The hardest thing was the lemonade. Perhaps because it was 1000 degrees outside today. But, I'm over the worst. Tomorrow's my last day and then I will celebrate. With sugar.

Day 5: Let me just say: I'm so proud. No sweet tea at Salsaritas. I didn't even steal a sip of my moms. I didn't even bite off a piece of my daughter's chocolate chip cookie. Day 5 was a success. Stay tuned to see how miserable I'll be dad's coming to town and we're taking him to Festival in the Park. Which means funnel cake and lemonade. I may be willing to ruin 5 days for funnel cake.

Day 4: So, today was a good day. Not hard at all! However, I'm anticipating tomorrow being hard. My mom is in town and she always take us to Salsaritas. Their sweet tea is so good. But, water it will be. I'm not ruining 4 days of no sugar over a cup of tea.
Day 3: Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. That's what I am for putting this on my list. And I'm also realizing how difficult #37 will be (drink nothing but water for 5 days in a row). I'm doing just fine without dessert. I don't even miss it. I will, however, be going on a coffee and tea binge this coming Monday.

Day 2: Tonight I had planned pancakes, eggs, and fruit for dinner. Not happening. The definition of torture: watching your children eat pancakes smothered in real maple syrup when you can not.

So, it's sherry chicken, boiled mini potatoes, and a salad. That sounds yummy enough to get my mind off of maple syrup.

Other than the disappointment of no pancakes, I've done well today with no sugar. Eaten a lot of raw green beans. And good thing mac and cheese has no sugar.

Day 1: So, here's what I've learned so far: I love sugar. Oh no wait. I knew that already. What I've really learned is that most of my sugar in a day comes from drinks and sauces. Desserts were easy to not eat today. My iced coffee was not. I got sick of water, milk, and juice. I wanted sweet tea and couldn't have one. But, it did force me to drink more water. And I wanted BBQ sauce on my Mahi Mahi tonight, but couldn't. Stinks.

Also, I cheated a little. But not knowingly. I ate a pb and j for lunch and realized afterward that I should have looked at the bread ingredients. Yes, brown sugar. So, if I want bread this week, I guess I'll make my own.


  1. Hi Julie. not sure if you're trying to cut out added sugar or most of the sugar in your diet, but juice and the jelly in pb&j have a lot of sugar...

  2. I'm cutting out added sugar. So nothing with sugar in the ingredients. The juice, pb, and jelly I buy is all natural with nothing added to it...