Monday, September 20, 2010

49. Watch someone else's kids for the evening once a quarter

2012: Welcome 2012! I'm ringing in the new year by watching someone's kids for them! My dear friends are celebrating their 10th anniversary, so we have 2 of their sweet little girls for the night. We've eaten pizza. Had root beer floats while watching a movie. And had lots of laughs and fun times. Glad to be staying on track with this one!

Rest of 2012: My sweet friend and I are swapping child care every month. So, I'm checking this one off for the year. Thanks KD - love you!

2010: Yes, this is someone else's kid. And a cute one at that. But no, I didn't watch her for the evening. I've decided that my life is too crazy right now to restrict this to just the evenings. I'm altering it to anytime. So, with that adjustment in mind, I've actually done this so far. But, I will need to watch someone's kids in Sept. to keep it up. And really, the only available time I have is this Friday (Sept 24) night. Any Charlotte takers? Comment on the blog if you want to be in the running for me to watch your kids this week!

2011: I watched the sweet kids (well, I organized the game closet while the sweet kids slept) of my best friend a few nights ago. Quarter one of 2011 has already been done. Although I didn't intend to use that to fill this quota. Just to love on my friend. So, I may ask another person is I can watch their kids this quarter. But, just in case I don't get to it, I'm counting this one. And I may give myself the next quarter off...I will have just had a baby. So, we'll see!

I'm still on track! Sort of. I did skip a quarter (the 2nd one of 2011) because I had a baby. I was a bit busy watching my own kids and making sure the 4th one lived through all her sister's smothers. Thankfully, she did and now I'm back on track. Although, I did volunteer to watch babies for my church's VBS, so I think I'll say that counts.

Anyway,I watched the 3 kids of a dear friend, VS, this month (July 2011). Which fills quarter 3 of 2011.

It's December 2011. And I watched Olivia and Carina. Sweet, sweet little girls. So, I'm done with this for this year.

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