Tuesday, March 2, 2010

57. Netflix, 62. Floss every day for a month, 87. Eat from my pantry/freezer

Wow, what a busy month! I now have Netflix (thanks to my sister). Although this picture isn't my actual Netflix envelope, mine looked remarkably similar as following directions on how to open things is not my forte. I've asked some friends who have great taste for some slapstick, documentaries, foreign films, and Sundance suggestions. I'm feeling cultured just typing this (ok, maybe just a different kind of "cultured" with the slapstick one). 

And I'm happy to say I have very clean teeth. And I will never floss everyday for a month again. Interestingly, I went to the dentist just 9 days after starting the everyday flossing (I remember this because it was my birthday; yes, I must hate myself to schedule a dentist appointment on my birthday). And no cavities and not much teeth scraping, which I'm taking to mean I don't need to floss every day. And no, this is not my cat.

The eating from my pantry/freezer went much better than anticipated. We ate a lot of food that needed to be eaten or that I was just sick of looking at (I think I'll design food labels in my next life). I still have a ton of food left, so I'm planning on carrying the pantry purge into March. Don't be surprised if you see another post labeled:

"The first person to make a comment gets all the rice, pasta, and Rice Krispies I have in my pantry"

I can only have so much pasta and rice in a month. And I really shouldn't make any more Rice Krispie Treats. And yes, this picture really is my freezer. AFTER I "used up" what was in it. 


  1. The dentist on your birthday is a great idea - it's like getting a massage, except for your teeth! I really like the dentist...I love your list though - great for you - and great to see you guys this weekend, thanks for being flexible.

  2. Maybe you should start sending Rice Krispie treats in care packages. You know, to friends in, say, Raleigh. Just because.

    And I'm with you on the flossing -- I don't do it and my dentist never complains. (That cat pic is funny!)

    Can't wait to hear about your movie viewing!