Tuesday, June 28, 2011

40. Go blueberry picking

Loved this one. I'd done it before, a really long time ago. I remember it being a lot of fun, but I don't remember it being as much work or as hot. I now appreciate the cost of blueberries.

When (not if) I go again, the kids will be older. Having a toddler who emptied out her bucket a few times, a 4 year old who was too hot, and a newborn who couldn't be out in the sun is not the ideal way to pick blueberries. But, we all had a blast. And here's our bounty (minus a few we ate...good thing they are organic):

Blueberry jam (number 36 on my list), here I come!

After we picked blueberries, we cooled down with the best ice cream ever. Literally. It's Hershey's Cappuccino Crunch. Now if I can just find it in Charlotte.

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