Friday, June 10, 2011

74. No Fast Food for a month, updates

 Final Update #4: Five. More. Miserable. Days. That's all I got.

Update #3: Well, I'm day 15 for me. Wow. It sure does feel like it's been more days than it has. That means I'm half way done. I've already planned a CFA date with 2 of my favorite friends for the day after I'm done. And I've realized that I will NEVER do this again. 

Update #2: It's VBS week at my church. I'm helping out in the nursery with babies. I'm picking up my BFF's daughter on the way...which happens to be right next to a CFA. 

Babies + no CFA = grumpy me.
Update #1: This. Is. Not. Fun. I have made homemade tea to try to curb the Chick-fil-a tea cravings. It's good, but no where near CFA goodness.

And the hardest thus far will come today - I'm going to Target with all 4 children (yes, many of my friends say I'm not so bright) and I can't go by Starbucks. Usually when I take all the kids out with me, we stop by and get a petite vanilla scone for each child and a big comfort drink for me (grande, decaf, 1 pump hazelnut, nonfat, latte - hot in the winter, iced in the summer). I say comfort because that's what any mother needs when she takes her young children shopping with her.

And since I've defined fast food as a place where I get my food at the counter where I pay, no Starbucks. Sad. Sad. Sad.


  1. Phew. Is it still fast food if it's not a chain? Like maybe a nice locally-owned coffee shop instead?