Wednesday, June 22, 2011

91. Surprise Matt with a candle lit dinner

Gotta say - with four children in the house (one of which is a newborn), I wasn't so sure this one would happen. It's hard enough getting macaroni and cheese on the table, much less a meal fit for candles.

It really only worked out because Matt was coming home from work 30 minutes late. I fed the kids whatever something else. Then I made our grown up dinner (aka something you'd find on the menu of an actual one that doesn't give out crayons and children's menus when you sit down) while Matt put the children to bed. And then I am pretty sure he was actually surprised when he came into the dining room.

You can find the recipe here on my other blog. And Matt - I hope there are many more evenings of just us sitting by candle light eating delicious food while talking about our days. I love you.

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